Bailey Kennon was crowned Miss Coastal Alabama 2016 in September and will be competing in the Miss Alabama pageant in June. Her platform is Dating With Purpose and her goal is to address a gap she sees in sex education in our schools. We discuss the ramifications of the physical aspect of dating relationships (Unplanned pregnancies, STDs, etc.) but we do not address the mental or emotional aspects of dating relationships. Through her platform and a presentation she has written, Bailey hopes to address this gap and talk about our need to date with purpose and expect respect from those around us.
In her presentation, Bailey discusses 3 main points.
1. Self Value
2. Setting Personal & Relational Boundaries
3. Key Aspects Of A Healthy Relationship
Be sure to keep up with Bailey’s weekly blog and also her ministry, I’ll Wait, page which is also dedicated to helping young people date with purpose.
If you are interested in having Bailey come speak to your class, school, assembly, event, or youth group function please email us at expectrespectdwp@gmail.com.

Be sure to like/follow us on Facebook.com/DatingWPurpose, Twitter @DatingWPurpose, Instagram @DatingWPurpose and Pinterest.com/DatingWPurpose!


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